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Come Together A Benefit For Mark Buell & Nickel City Frets 4pm $5

Come Together A Benefit For Mark Buell & Nickel City Frets 4pm $5

  • Location:326 Amherst Street
  • Venue:Sportsmens Tavern
  • Length:4pm – 7pm
  • Tickets at Door

On the morning of November 15th, Mark Buell awoke to fire in the building that not only houses his apartment, but his teaching studio, and music venue, Nickel City Frets. The fire has temporarily left Mark and his cat Rhino without a home, Mark and his students without a lesson studio, and a few monthly concert events without a venue.

Upon hearing of the fire, local songwriter Davey O. reached out to the local music community in an effort to organize a benefit for Mark at not only a time of the loss of home and business, but at a time when he is also fighting cancer.

Davey has assembled a stellar music lineup of Mark’s friends to “come together” on Sunday, January 6th, 2019 at The Sportsmens Tavern to help raise a little money in an effort to assist Mark through this temporary, but difficult time. Davey, along with emcee Jim Vozga, ask that you consider joining us as we help one of our family in the WNY music community. Along with live music performances, there will be a basket raffle, and a 50/50 raffle to help raise additional funds to asist Mark and Nickel City Frets. Admission is only $5.00 with all proceeds from admission and raffles going directly to the cause.

Scheduled to perform are –

4:00-10 – Alison Pipitone
4:15-25 – Jacob Brockway
4:30-40 – Maria Sebastian
4:45-55 – Paul Lamont
5:00-10 – Rosewood Bridge
5:15-25 – Tom Callahan
5:30-40 – John Brinkman
5:45-55 – Bob James
6:00-10 – Sarah Parker
6:15-25 – Tom Stahl
6:30-40 – Bob Kiehl
6:45-55 – Grace Stumberg

If you are interested in donating a basket to the raffle, or volunteering your time to assist in any way, please email Davey O. at booking@daveyo.com

Thank you! We hope to see you at what promises to be a very successful afternoon to help a friend in our music community!