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The HawtThorns 7pm $5

The HawtThorns 7pm $5

  • Location:326 Amherst Street
  • Venue:Sportsmens Tavern
  • Length:7pm – 10pm
  • Tickets at Door

Sportsmen’s Tavern

326 Amherst St.

Buffalo NY 14207


Thursday August 8 @ 7 pm

The HawtThorns



Music-like life-is about flow, change, and growth. There is a constant river-like movement that flows from its source. When two streams join, natural magic occurs. It is about keeping time with the rhythm of the musical winds that leads its artists to greater oceans…something beyond a singular vision.

And the flow continues.

As fate would have it, two important musical streams have merged – with the birth of the Los Angeles based Americana-roots band, The HawtThorns. Possessing a unique country-rock based sound that includes lush vocal harmonies, soul-filled lap steel intricacies, and searing electric lead guitar, this band has crafted songs that soar with the soul of California country driven with a distinctive instrumental blues-infused edge. There is a variety of influences between the two including Joni Mitchel, Jeff Buckley, Fleetwood Mac, Aaron Lee Tasjan, and Brandi Carlile.

At the core of this fresh new sound are two distinctive artists, Johnny & KP Hawthorn – two solo artists with a growing body of work between them.

KP Hawthorn (AKA Kirsten Proffit) comes fresh from an impressive solo career and a 5-year run with the ground-breaking L.A. Americana trio, CALICO the band. As a solo artist, she has written songs which have been featured on television and film including Friday Night Lights, The Ranch, the hit show, Nashville and many more. CALICO the band released two critically acclaimed albums and toured the U.S. including gigs at South by Southwest in Austin and The Americana Music Festival in Nashville. She has given voice to some of the finest country-rock written by her own hand over the last half decade. The HawtThorns has raised her craft to new heights.

Johnny Hawthorn has become well known in the roots music world as a gifted triple-threat artist with proficiency as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist. He has been acclaimed by Guitar Player magazine as a torchbearer of the tradition of Hendrix, Clapton and Vaughn. He builds the guitar virtuoso tradition into something new that gives wings to his own songs and supports other songwriters’ work with nuance, skill and inspiration. As KP has described him, “He is a stand out player with the sensibilities of a songwriter.” An L.A. based guitar slinger-in-demand, he brings fresh revisions to his guitar craft. While he’s capable of creating dynamic lead guitar, The Haw-Thorns allows him the chance to weave his instrumental work through these fine collaborations.

The HawtThorns met through a series of encounters. Like many classic romances, a chance meeting served to bring them together. In this case it was at the well-known intimate Culver City roots-music club known as the Cinema Bar. But, as KP recalls, she first saw Johnny at a benefit concert in L.A. The stage was a flat bed truck. Another meeting at Hotel Café found KP accidently stepping on Johnny’s guitar cord while he was setting up to play with singer-songwriter Amelia White. When they met years later at The Cinema Bar, they felt a bond through their common love for music. On their first date, dipping into Johnny’s vast guitar collection, they played and swapped songs all night.

The rest, as they say, is history.

As their relationship became serious, they agreed that when the time was right, they would begin to collaborate musically. At the time, KP was riding the crest of the critical acclaim as a founding
member of CALICO the band. But, as the flow continued, the spirit of the music brought the opportunity to create The HawtThorns and they haven’t stopped writing and recording since. The result is a unique blend of pop-friendly rock, country and blues and skillful collaborative songwriting. In a town that saw the birth of The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Dawes, there will come a time when that list will include The HawtThorns.

The band includes Matt Lucich on drums and Eliot Lorango on bass guitar. They have recently finished recording at King Size Studio in Atwater Village working with producer/engineer, Eric Corne of 40 Below Records. Several tracks were mixed by the Illustrious Jim Scott at PLYRZ Studios. Other tracks were done with Steve Berns and mixed at Fitting Room Studio. Their debut album is due out during spring of 2019.

Coming to see the show from out of town? Please visit our friends at the Adams Mark Hotel.


Please call 716-845-5100 to get a special Sportsmen’s Tavern Rate for Concert Series Ticket Holders.

Or try the Best Western on Delaware Avenue



Please Note that the artists have a 3 hour window to complete the show. This does not meant the performance will be 3 hours in length.