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Swamp Kids w/Tyler Westcott 9pm $5@door

Swamp Kids w/Tyler Westcott 9pm $5@door

  • Location:326 Amherst Street
  • Venue:Sportsmens Tavern
  • Length:09:00 pm – 12:00 am
  • Tickets at Door

Sportsmen’s Tavern & Music Hall

326 Amherst St.

Buffalo NY 14207





Sat. 1/25 @ 9 pm

Swamp Kids


Tyler Westcott


Swamp Kids’ psychedelic blend of roots, r&b, and funk moves to a hypnotic and timeless pulse, speaking with an uplifted voice and vision for tomorrow in beautiful harmonies.  Through a collage of deep vintage tones, the folkloric roots of American music, and continual grooves, their instrumentation frames a bold lyricism that is both abstract and powerfully direct.  Featuring members of Big Mean Sound Machine (Emmett Scott on vocals and keys, Angelo Peters on bass, baritone guitar, and vocals), The English Project (Chris English on drums, percussion, and vocals), and singer songwriter Tenzin Chopak (guitars, samples, and vocals), Swamp Kids formed in the Autumn of 2018 as a group of long-time dear friends from a tight knit musical community in Ithaca and Rochester, New York, to offer a transportive, dynamic, and truly meaningful live music experience where heart and body are moved as one.  Their debut ep Skeletons was released December 21st 2018.

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