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Oak Hill Drifters  wsg /8 Ball Aitken 7pm $5

Oak Hill Drifters wsg /8 Ball Aitken 7pm $5

  • Location:326 Amherst Street
  • Venue:Sportsmens Tavern
  • Length:07:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Tickets at Door

Sportsmen’s Tavern


Oak Hill Drifters


8 Ball Aitken

Thursday July 2 @ 7 pm




Australian-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based, singer, songwriter, slide guitarist, cast away his cover gigs some seventeen years ago to hit the road, building a credibly successful yield,  built solely on live performances globetrotting eighteen countries and still counting.

8Ball as his unusual name suggests, he is cut from a different mould. He throws a highly energetic and engaging, quite humorous performance, padded with a combination of guitars including an impressive three string  bewitchery.  He is the “legal shot” and sits deep in the pocket of collaborating audience engagement with grooving music like the white ball sinking the black.

8Ball has fashioned his musical style from a true infusion of roots from blues, alternative country and rock. He takes on the bull with his slide guitar riffs, slides across the green felt with antics to impressively entertain even the most under-enthused punter. His clever songs will have everyone on their feet grooving and cheering infectiously.

8Ball released his 10th Album SWAMP BLUES in 2018 to debute at #2 in the Australian Blues Music Charts 2018 and single ‘High Water’ went to #1 on the AMRAP AIRIT Radio charts. 2019. Its his most celebrated album to date, following other highly acclaimed albums such as “Rebel with a Cause” and “Southern Hemisphere” boasting of his other industry praised singles “She’s going to Mexico I’m going to Jail” and “Hand’s on top of the wheel”.

8Ball started his career dabbling with country brushes bringing colourful humour to his songs. He now soars his first love of music in blues. He is not easily categorised as his tones are roots of blues and alternative rock. His audiences are ageless and three generations are patron regulars.

This fast growing independent artist performs one man band shows, committing to a boisterous live display. Band Shows thrill Festival crowds with his powerhouse band renowned for peers dropping in on stage such as Troy Cassidaly and Ross Wilson.

8Ball keeps up with a gruelling tour schedule of some 200 shows each year, keeping him match fit and squeezing new heights with his guitar tones. With no show too far for him to travel to and no stage to big.

Coming to see the show from out of town? Please visit our friends at the Adams Mark Hotel.


Please call 716-845-5100 to get a special Sportsmen’s Tavern Rate for Concert Series Ticket Holders.

Or try the Best Western on Delaware Avenue



Please Note that the artists have a 3 hour window to complete the show. This does not mean the performance will be 3 hours in length.