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Honeysuckle 5pm $5

Honeysuckle 5pm $5

  • Location:326 Amherst Street
  • Venue:Sportsmens Tavern
  • Length:5pm – 8pm
  • Tickets at Door

Sportsmen’s Tavern

326 Amherst St.
Buffalo NY 14207
Sunday May 12 @ 5pm




“So many contemporary bluegrass and folk outfits that get big have a cloying sweetness to them, or a cynical predisposition towards a radio-friendly pop sensibility. Not so with Honeysuckle. Their sound is unpretentious and unabashed, as if each song is meant for one set of ears only. They don’t shy away from moments that are as technical as they are mesmerizing, and here their musicianship really shines through. Trampled By Turtles is about to be stomped by a flower y’all.”  -NPR All Songs Considered

“At the core authenticity is something that should remain an ultimate goal as an artist. The Berklee born trio Honeysuckle has done just that and then some. They have stayed true to the music that you will encounter from them in a live setting and the history that infuses its way into their music. Focused on songwriting, expertly crafted instrumental arrangements, and vocals that will leave you weak and shivering from their overwhelming power, all while building on the core elements that makes their music so fantastic and gorgeous.” -Red Line Roots