Thanks Rodney

Thanks Rodney


November 12th, 2012


Rodney Crowell posted this on Facebook:
“Sportsman’s Tavern in Buffalo, NY: At first glance, it put me in mind of Carl’s Bad Tavern in San Antonio, where well oiled barflys pretty much scoffed at my song selection. First impressions can be deceiving. This room –Sportsman’s Tavern–was full of high energy romance. Tom and Betty requesting”What Kind of Love” to celebrate 20 years of snowbelt bliss. A Chaucer and Keats quoting songwriter sizing up my agility with words alongside theirs. Man, was I tempted to believe him. The place is run by a fella named Duane – so likeable that I was tempted to apply for a regular slot two weekends a month. Thank heavens for little musical Meccas.”


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